A writing experiment

Who She Is: Willow Severelli-

TV Personality

Very beautiful, as her name implies, but only on the outside.  Inside, she is a real diva; a scheming, conniving, ambitious woman. She has her eyes on the prize – becoming a reporter for the celebrity gossip show, TMZ and will do whatever it takes to get there. Hates being stuck in what she calls this backwater of a city, but puts on a good front, especially in front of the camera. And the camera loves her, for now.

A woman on TV has to stay young looking forever, so she has had a few procedures where needed to keep up the look. Dresses the part in expensive business high fashion. People wonder how she can afford such luxurious clothes, since the station does not provide such a wardrobe. Their clothes look like they came out of a Sears Roebuck catalog and she wouldn’t be caught dead in any of them. Has her makeup professionally done before every appearance, because she won’t allow Tabitha, the station’s make-up artist touch to her. She will permit Ginger, the hair stylist provided, to do her hair because Ginger is a damn fine stylist and even the Miss Hoity Toity, Willow, can’t deny it.

Lives in one of the biggest houses in Reno City, another thing folks wonder about. They all know about how much a TV personality (and just what is that, anyway?) makes in this area and it sure doesn’t allow for high fashion and mansions. Oh, and don’t forget that Mercedes Benz car she drives - that costs a pretty penny, too. “How’s she paying for all that stuff?” is a frequent question asked around town.

Willow is seen everywhere, day and night, her cameraman in tow (and aren’t they just the cozy pair?); no one can hide from their constant pursuit of “news” and her annoying reminder that “the people have a right to know”. Searching desperately for THE big story that will take her (and him?) out of this countrified city and into the limelight she believes she deserves, she will not rest until she finds it! However, she is in fierce competition with Viola for digging up the dirt; they are always in a race to ferret out the gossip around town.

Has no real friends, but many ‘frenemies’ (think ‘Real Housewives of Wherever’), with lots of high drama, which she feeds off of. If she can’t find any drama or chaos, she’s quick to create it. Loves to stir the pot and then sit back and see what happens. People often forget about the camera and do and say things they probably shouldn’t - and she has it all recorded.

It seems Willow and her cameraman lover are blackmailing several of Reno City’s citizens and that’s how they gets their expensive clothes (boutique owner), her makeup (local makeup artist), the house (Otis’s uncle, also a builder), their cars (Mercedes dealer), her procedures (plastic surgeon), and whatever else they can get their hands on.

The new community center being talked about/built might be a breeding ground of drama and secrets to be discovered, so Willow is excited to interview all the participants.

2017 New Year’s resolution is to acquire one new man or woman to blackmail per month, adding 12 more to her stable of victims. Her thought is if she has to be stuck here, she might as well be comfortable.