A writing experiment

Who He is: Reverend Tommy Runningwater

Tommy Runningwater is a twenty-seven year old preacher.

Has Chickasha heritage.  Faith, family, friends and heritage means very much to him. He has two little kids.  He is looking for his first official job as a preacher.  He is a young energetic man.  His son is the oldest child; he is four.  His daughter is two. 

Tommy lives a very active lifestyle.  He loves to be outdoors.  His wife is a second grade teacher.  She loves kids very much.  Their kids’ names are Carson and Harper.   His wife’s name is Anne. 

Tommy is a tall dark-haired man.  He is about six feet tall.  He is a slender man. He is very outspoken.  As time goes on, he gets hired at Reno City Church of Christ. 

Tommy and his wife are thinking about going to the Gala.  They are wondering what they are going to do with their kids for the Gala.  Tommy is very upset about his kids not being able to attend the Gala.  Tommy and Anne’s parents live out of town.  There will be no one to care for the children.  Tommy is worried about the Gala getting out of hand.  He wants the Gala to be very peaceful and no wild dancing or wild music.  He also doesn’t agree with alcohol being served there.  Tommy is thinking he isn’t going to attend the gala at all.

Anne tells Tommy he needs to be at the Gala.  She thinks if Tommy attends, people are more likely to stay calm if the preacher is there.  Tommy and Anne start to get dressed for the Gala.  Anne calls one of her fellow teachers to ask if her daughter can be at the house thirty minutes early to watch the kids.  She says she can.

Tommy and Anne arrive at the Gala.  To their surprise, there is no alcohol, or at least, if there is, everyone is hiding it from the preacher!  In Tommy’s eyes, everything is going great.  Anne is having a great time with the other ladies of the town.  Tommy decides he can loosen up a little and enjoy a night away from the kids. 

Little does Tommy know…someone gave him a Crown and Coke.  Maybe that’s why he’s able to have such a good time!  He wondered why the coke tasted a little different than normal.