A writing experiment

Adelaine Wilder, Military Personnel, Squadron Office, clerk, Comm squadron, Air Force 

Adelaine Wilder had just flown in to the air port in OKC. Deplaning she hoped her mother had gotten the message and had come to Will Rogers, to pick her up. Adelaine was not so sure her mother would show up. If she did not, Adelaine would have to rent a car to get to Reno City about 30 miles away to the w of OKC. Adelaine was on her 30-day leave, before being shipped to her four-year posting to Germany. Adelaine had just completed basic military training at Lackland air force base, in San Antonio and special career training in Biloxi, Mississippi. She would be stationed at Spangdahlem AFB, not far from the Mosel Valley in the Eifel mountains. Adelaine knew nothing about Germany, or the Mosel, other than that she had tasted a few bottles of wine from the region. She was looking forward to experiencing new things.

She is picked up by her older sister, Kelley. Her mother, Becky, is still mad at her for joining the Air force. They have issues.

Adelaine has always been a good student, but she was unable to receive a full scholarship to a University. That is what she wanted. So, she joined the Air Force, hoping to get accepted to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Until she can get in there, she will be taking on line courses and let the Service pay for that. She was hoping for a career in Communications. If they accept her as an officer, she will make the Air Force her career, if not, at least she will get a college education. That is the plan. That is why she was send for 6 months to Biloxi. She will be assigned to the communications Squadron at the big Base at Spangdahlem.

Her mother is thinking, Adelaine is putting on airs. She should be like the rest of the family. She herself was a checker at Walmart, and her brother was working for the city in sanitation. They were common people, little people, not leaders. Even her older daughter is lately putting on airs. She and her husband moved out of town into a trailer, tin can and she is not even looking for another job, and she is pregnant again. Kelley is saying she is going to Canadian Valley Vo-Tech to get some education to get another job. Her husband too is going to Redlands. Why would people go to school once they were finished? It just does not make sense. How did they have the time and the money for such high-faluting nonsense? Kelley keeps telling her the unemployment people are sending her to school. Becky has never heard of such things. And there is talk that Kelley is having twins. Kelley and Bobby are just putting on airs, just like Adelaine, let them live together. She wants nothing to do with her uppity offspring.

Only Kelley and Bobby are not uppity. They have been lucky. They won pretty big at the lottery. Not the huge pot, but big enough to allow them to buy a small acreage and put the new double wide on it. It allowed them to have Kelley quit and stay home and raise their kids and not to have to worry about money too much, is going to school to study Financial Management and Investing.Bobby is going to school to get a better paying job, job stability, insurance, retirement. They are not using any of the principal but are living very comfortably on the interest. They had tried to help Becky a little, but she had blown up at them. Now they will not tell her that they are wealthy by Reno city circumstances.


Who She Is: Adelaine Wilder

Adelaine Wilder, is an airman second class. She just got promoted to second class after completing career school in Biloxy, Miss. She is waiting at the airport to be picked up by her mother for the four week leave before being assigned to Spangdahlem, AFB in Germany. Becky, the mother and her daughters have issues. Becky thinks the girls are uppity for aspiring to a better life. Becky thinks their lot in life is to be at the bottom of the economic scale, like their brother, who works for the trash collector in town, and she who works at the local Walmart.

Becky does not pick up her daughter at the airport, but Kelly, her sister is there. Kelly and her husband have moved from the ramshackle home they rented in Reno City to a brand new double wide cowboy chateau on several acres just north of the town. Kelly confides they have hit the lottery and now she does not have to work, but goes to school at the local community college to get a teaching degree so she can homeschool her two little girls. 

For Christmas, the girls give Becky a new refrigerator filled with food from the base Commissary. Becky wants to throw the unknown food away, since she is not familiar with the labels.  There is a small confrontation.

In the meantime, Adelaine takes German lessons from the new high school language teacher. Jack Rudolph was a bit of an odd ball in school. He spent his summers in Germany with his grandparents. One year he came back and wore his lederhosen to school to a lot of ribbing.

He and Adelaine got on wonderfully and since he is on school break, Christmas vacation, he spends every possible time with Adelaide, teaching her about Germany, as well as the language.

There is a horrific fatal accident New Years Eve, and the local Air Force Recruiter is killed. Although Adelaine does not have the prerequisite rank to be a recruiter, she is promoted to First Class and re-assigned to fill the vacancy. This gives her the opportunity to go to the Reno City Gala with her sister. Kelly takes her shopping for the outfit and they spend the day previous to the Gala at the day Spa of Guilietta Spiritu. Addie also volunteers to work at the gala for a couple of hours at the entrance counter, selling the tickets to attend the Gala.