A writing experiment

Rivers Fox

Rivers finishes her daily ritual of cleaning the organ at her church in Reno City. She has lived in Reno City for nineteen years. She grew up in the small town of Buffalo, OK. She was raised by her father and step-mother.               

Born Rivers Fox, in Las Vegas, Nevada she was on a path of ill repute until her father informed her of her real mothers influence on her name. Her biological mother, Boom-Boom Rivers, was a stripper and he was a bookie for a mob in Vegas. That moment changed Rivers’ destiny.               

Once Rivers was born her father took full custody of her and fled to Buffalo, Oklahoma. Reno Fox, her father, purchased the local lumber yard in 1973 and raised his daughter. Reno Rivers paid the mob boss one million to get out of the business, so Reno could raise Rivers without interference from the mob bosses.

Reba is Rivers’ step-mother. Reba raised Rivers properly by insisting they family attends church, and participates in the town activities. Reba coached Rivers’ youthful days with dance, singing, tumbling, and piano/organ lessons. Rivers paid attention when Reba discussed bookkeeping, Reba was a bookkeeper for the mob.               

Reno and Reba have lived a clean and legal life for thirty-three years watching his daughter grow into a beautiful woman. Reno does see the beautifying resemblance that Rivers has with her mother. 

Rivers found God in her calling to righteousness. She cherishes the moments when she sits at the piano or organ in the church. Rivers has worked for the church for eighteen years. She wants to help with the new community center but if people rent the new center for their events, that will take money away from the church.

The church rents their event room all year long for different parties and celebrations. If the church loses any more money, Rivers won’t have a job. The church has already looking into having prerecorded music play during church services.               

Rivers’ visits to Dr. Steve have been very stressful. She wants to attend the Gala for several reasons. Rivers didn’t reveal the main reason to Dr. Steve. She feels this would complicate her visits, and he might mention her secret to someone at the Gala.               

Her main reason she wants to attend the Gala is Otis. Otis Rawlins did the repairs on her church and she instantly fell in love with him. She’s been praying for an opportunity to talk with him again.                                           


Will she have a dress to wear? Rivers has been stopping at the local library in the evening to check out dresses to wear to the gala. She wants to look fabulous for Otis, but she doesn’t want to look cheap. Cheap like that otherFox woman, who tend the bar.

This town is so small, but somehow there are two families with the last name of Fox. Rivers has lived here longer than that bar owner. And the Lord only knows how that Fox woman got the money to buy the local bar.


Rivers is planning for the Gala event.

Rivers is very nervous about the event. She knows the church will lose money if the community center is open. Her valentine gift to Otis didn’t flop, but it didn’t go as planned.

He enjoyed the lovely package of homemade cookies. And that was it. Otis ate the cookies and returned working on the pew that Rivers broke intentionally to get Otis to come to the church on Valentine’s Day.

Rivers has her dress ready for the GALA with matching shoes. She has carefully planned her answers to any questions that people may ask her about her opinion of the community center. On the outside she will congratulate all that put the time and money into the event, but on the inside she wants to keep all the fun events at her church.

Rivers is dealing with her mixed emotions of God. She loves to play the organ at church, but the praying and blessing of everything has become a bore to her. She just wants to play music and be happy. The more she thinks about it, the more she wants to just be a housewife and play the organ.

The GALA will be the time to test if Otis is the person she can be with. If not, she will have to look somewhere else. Maybe check out one of those online dating sites.

Rivers has reschedule three appointments with Dr. Steve. She is very nervous to talk with the Dr. about her sexual interest in Otis. She doesn’t want Dr. Steve to think she is a hussy. Dr. Steve knows about Rivers’ mother and what her mother was.

Rivers has recorded some background music to be played at the GALA when the band isn’t playing, but she doesn’t want to perform herself. She wants to mingle with everyone.

Who She Is: Rivers Fox