A writing experiment

Ross didn’t plan on attending the GALA. He planned on keeping his video store open late hours that night so all the young kids could come in and play while their parents are at the GALA.

He then found out that there is free daycare, and babysitting at the Gala event and no kids would pass up free pizza and soda’s to pay for games. He has cursed himself on this matter, because he donated the money for the food to be served at the GALA.

He picks out a suit to wear, he knows his suit consist of a formal jacket and a pair of jeans, but this is all he has. He plans to wear his black sneakers and be as sociable as he can tolerate.

He usually spends his evenings scanning through photos of women online to chat with. He enjoys the distant relationships. There isn’t anyone with an adequate personality to interest him in person.

Who he Is:

Ross Kirkpatrick                                                                  

34 year old Store Owner. He inherited the store from his grandmother. When his grandmother owned the store it was a sewing shop. Ross turned it into a video game store. His parents died in a car accident when he was sixteen. He had to go live with his grandmother in Reno City, and his grandmother raised him. Ross doesn’t drive a car, he’s too scared to be in a car. He was in the back seat of the vehicle when his parents were killed.

He’s 5 feet 7 inches, at 210 pounds, wears glasses and has an outrageous collection of vintage t-shirts that he wears every day. He can wear a different t-shirt for 810 DAYS straight before he has to wear a duplicate. He wears only converse shoes. Nerd to the tee.

Plays the video games and has designed three games that are used all around the world online. His net worth is 13 million but he appears like a struggling shop owner.

He wants to go to the gala, but feels he would be out of place. He has decided to donate 100K dollars to the community center, but it will be anonymously done. He doesn’t want anyone to know he has money.

Ross works on the holidays. His store stays open on Christmas Eve til Midnight to sell as much merchandise as he can. He sold seven thousand dollars of merchandise just on Christmas Eve. His online sales are three hundred and seventy six thousand.

Ross has contemplated the fact that he could live anywhere he would desire. He likes Reno City. He’s safe in Reno City. If he moves out of Reno City he may have to learn to drive a car. He doesn’t want to drive a car. EVER!

The invitation to the Reno City Gala is on his bulletin board. Will he attend the gala? Why should he. He has everything he wants at his fingertips. Even an online girlfriend. He remembers his New Year’s Resolution though: to get out and meet the people of Reno City. To be more sociable. The thought of being sociable with the community is making his stomach ache.

Ross has been wanting to make an appointment with the local shrink. Everyone talks about Dr. Steve when they are shopping in his store. That is another reason Ross is scared of meeting people of Reno city. From all the different phone conversations he hears in his store, it frightens him to think there are this many strange people that live around him. He doesn’t consider himself strange, but some people do ask him why he doesn’t’ get out of his store and visit some of the other establishments in town.

An emergency happens and Ross needs to call a handyman. One of the walls in his store leaked some water down a wall and he’s in need of a repairman. One of the kids that frequents his store suggested Otis Rawlins. He will call Otis tomorrow.

Maybe now is the time for some remodeling of his store. Upgrades always pay off for the big stores on line, so he will be on his computer for hours now looking at game store designs to see if Otis can create the look that Ross wants.