A writing experiment

Who She Is: Helena Hills

Helena Hills went into the Air Force after high school and became a firefighter.  She was 5’10” with average build.  She liked keeping her body in shape for her job. 

When she returned to Reno City, she joined the fire department as their first female fire person.  At first, the men liked her, because she was funny and proved she wasn’t lazy, but they were still skeptical of her ability to hold her own in emergencies.  After a few weeks of fires, car wrecks, and first responder calls, she had earned their respect. 

At the station, she was always busy working out, helping keep equipment up, and because she was the newbie, she was also the gopher for groceries and supplies.

On her days off, she enjoyed going to Queenie’s to shoot the breeze and have a drink or two.  She wasn’t afraid to take a stand if someone tried to bully her or someone else.  The men at the department gave her the name Hella On Wheels, which was quickly shortened to Hella.

On after noon, she took a walk around uptown Reno City to reacquaint herself after being gone.  The florist shop, music store, barber shop were all still there.  She saw a new business, Eve’s Garden.  When she walked in, she was taken with the peaceful atmosphere.  The owner Giulietta came out from the back.  She was a nice person and made Hella feel welcome, and so she thought she might be able to make a new friend.  During their conversation, she learned where the best restaurants were, who the most reliable mechanic was, etc. 

Just then, she noticed a flyer on the wall for a gala to raise funds for a new community center.  Hella smirked.  Galas weren’t her style.  She asked what the center would be used for.  Giulietta shook her head; it hasn’t been decided.  Hella questioned, “They are raising money for a place and they don’t know what it will be used for?”

Giulietta said everyone had their cause, and battle lines were being drawn.  Personally, she was just giving money and attending.  Hella’s first thought was to pray she was on duty that night.  Then, on second thought, it might be nice to go, dress up and maybe see some people she hadn’t seen in a while.  She made an appointment for the next week and told Giulietta she would donate money and go if she could.