A writing experiment

Who She is: Ally TwoFeathers

Ally TwoFeathers is a barista who got a job at a small coffee shop in downtown Reno City. Originally from the coast moving to small town Reno city is a bit of a culture shock. so far she has gone unnoticed which is how she would like to stay. With Valentine’s Day coming up, she is just thankful she is away from everyone and everything she once knew. Valentine’s Day is not a day to celebrate in her book. Love that eventually ends that’s the true definition of Valentine’s day. Away from it all and a full time student at the local community college in town, she hopes to build a life without the influence of her family and ex-fiance. After finding out her fiance was only with her to merge two tycoon families, and he was sleeping with her “best friend,” she took what money she had in her trust account and rode the bus as far as she could stand and ended up in Reno City.