A writing experiment

Who She Is: Anatole Allred

Anatole Allred is a super saleslady.  She travels from state to state.  She is in her early thirties, beautiful, with a great personality and has been married for ten years.  Her husband Cole has no personality.  He works for a local grocery store, stocking the shelves at night.  Anatole loves to dance and party.  Her husband likes to stay home and write books and read.  That’s why Anatole loves her job.  It gives her the opportunity to enjoy life.  There are dinners and parties and dancing, after business hours.

Anatole meets someone tall, dark, and handsome at the Gala in Reno City and has fallen in love at first sight.  She asks Cole for a divorce, and he says, “Over my dead body.  I’d rather see you dead than with another man.”

Cole hires a detective to follow Anatole when she travels from state to state so he can make plans about her new love and how he can end the romance.  Will he go after her or the new man?

“Over my dead body…” he thinks.  He decides, “She has dug her own grave.”

(What he doesn’t realize is that the man is right there in Reno City!)