Vengeance is mine!

Violet Hammond will receive a cookie from me, but she won't be able to eat it.  I mean it's a digital cookie of the worst kind.  The virus type, one you can't smell or see or taste.  It's going to turn her stomach upside down.

Why, you ask?  Because I was in the Court House near the county clerk's office and heard her say that the homeless people in Reno City made her town look bad.

Who does she think she is, this is not "her" town; it's our town, I mean the homeless people. We see everything, we know everything, and she is on our black list.  And, I know where she lives, who she sees, and what she throws in her trash. So, listen up Violet, the game is on!  

She doesn't remember that the library has computers for people like me.

Knuckles has been severally beaten, he's in a coma!  We found him in an alley across from the hardware store.  He had been robbed, we know this because his pockets were turned wrong side out and his knife is missing.  He has blunt force trauma to the head.  We will find out who did this and being them to justice.  The police have no clue as to who did this, but I do.  Oh yes, one other thing his shoes were missing.     

Now hear this, Reno City!

Queenie is not dead, as some suppose.  I know where she is and what she's up to.   My plan is to band together our little group of  so called homeless parasites into a squad of investigators that will have the ability to solve any mystery in Reno City.   As for Violet, learn to close your shades at night, no one want to see that! 

Who He Is: Rory Brightbuttons

Rory Brightbuttons was once a handsome and ambitious researcher.  He was a doctoral candidate in genetic engineering at Pantheon Sorbonne University in Paris. His multidisciplinary research in integrative structural and computational gene therapy earned him the title of affiliate faculty member at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City.  Rory achieved the highest IQ score  in cognitive and intellectual abilities in the history of the program.

Rory is now homeless!  He wanders the streets of Reno City unnoticed and uncared for.   His demise came by way of an opioid addiction after suffering a back injury in a backyard football game.  

Since Rory’s demise he has become introverted and ashamed.  He avoids contact with most humans; however, he keeps a daily journal of the activities of most everyone in Reno City.  As a matter of a fact Rory has been instrumental in solving several crimes in the area using his notes.  Although Rory is not in the inner circles of rich and famous of Reno City this won’t keep him from being in the shadows at the up coming Gala.  Believe it or not, Rory probably has something on everyone from Reno City and who knows what will come to light. 

Hello, Violet!

Well now, the virus is in place and will activate as soon as Violet opens her word processor tomorrow.  What the entire court house will see is her standing in front of her bedroom 

window wearing a red thong.  Maybe she'll learn not to do that!  No body wants to see that, and no body wants her for a town clerk anymore!  Violet, guess who?

At the Gala!!!  Karma's a bitch!

The Gala becomes source of food for our group of homeless people. The plan is solid and stealth. We will cause a diversion, which will give us time for our assault.Knuckles, as we call him, will collapse on the street next to the sign-in table. He will fake an epileptic fit.Naturally, an ambulance will be called which will bring crowds of on lookers.That’s when we will make our move. Lips, as we call her, will be carrying a large unzipped backpack that Baba will fill with goodies.Tiny will get the drinks, and I will knock the legs out from under the food table immediately after they make their escape.We will meet at the abandon ice plant on the edge of town as soon as possible and devour the spoils.The next day will bring another diversion for another collection from the snobs of Reno City.

Knuckles down and out!

A writing experiment