A writing experiment

Who She Is: Lilly Susan


A.K.A. "Lill’"

Artist by day, drug dealer by day and night.

Single. Caucasian. Age 30. Height:5’6. Weight: 140 lbs.

Lill grew up in Reno City. Her parents are retired and since moved to Florida. Lill bought their house and has enjoyed living in her childhood home. She is a freelance artist and has a booming street pharmaceutical sales business on the side. Most people see Lill and would never guess that she was no nonsense, hardnosed dealer with a 9mm in the small of her back at all times. Lill looks quite innocent with long strawberry blonde hair, a sweet smile and bright blue eyes. She has one tattoo that you only see when here hair is pulled up; a small black question mark on the back of her neck. To Lill, the question mark represents everything about her life. She never knows what will happen next…