A writing experiment

Who She Is: Bella Vaughn

Hi. I’m Bella Vaughn. I’m fiftyish, single, and a secretary. YAWN. I’ve been in Reno City my whole life and can’t, for the life of me, figure out why my parents would live in a place like this or name me a name like Bella. I am anything but beautiful, and “beautiful” is what my name means in Italian. “Plain Jane” would have fit me so much better. Even though my mom liked cooking spaghetti and drinking Chianti, she wasn’t very good at doing either of those things, and that, for sure, is not a good enough reason to stick me with a name like Bella. 

I’ve always been ordinary. I never fit in enough to have friends, never dated anyone, never got married, and I have been stuck at the same job my whole life. My parents didn’t do much better. They were always “noses stuck to the grindstone” type of people. YAWN. 

My life has never been anything but drudgery. What I have finally found through my life full of drudgery is a way to get some attention, and all I have to do is simply spend my paycheck for it. It all started accidentally. I have found handsome men in town willing to cater to my flower delivery requests, new hair styles (things like that), but most recently, I found another avenue that has resulted in a long-term relationship, simply by me getting “therapeutic massages” on a regular basis from Griffin Moriarity, the cutest guy in town. 

I’ve known him his whole life, but my knowing him now is so different from when he was a little kid. I used to take him to church with me to get him away from his mom and try to knock some sense into him, but that stopped abruptly by his loose tongue that spurted out words that were disgusting. He may only be 20 years old now, but ….he’s great at his job, and I’m feeling so much better – about myself since my encounter with this hunk. 

He’s so perfect for me, even though there’s such a huge age difference. The gala’s coming, and I know it’s going to be me going solo in whatever I’m asked to do but I’ve got at least one someone who will be paying attention to me there.