A writing experiment

Who He Is: Napoleon Victor


A 6'2", 210 pound, muscular college dropout, with dark hair, combed in a Cary Grant look-alike, dark complexion and calloused hands.  He inherited the family business, a waste disposal plant with recycling capability, and contracts with the city of Reno for waste disposal, as well as the public.  He is a three-time loser matrimonially.  He married his second wife after she sold him a house into getting a real estate license so he could help her.  After the divorce, he works part-time for RE/MAX.                                                                                                     

His lineage reportedly derived from the aristocracy of 16th century England, which attracted his third wife, a gold digging, socialite "wanna be."  Their divorce left an indelible blot on his view of marriage causing him to determine, never again.  He has neither desire nor ability to be celibate and is considered a player.