A writing experiment

RENO CITY is having a gala.  The townspeople want to build a new community center, and the gala is a fund-raiser and kick-off to getting that project started!  Everybody has different agendas for the community center, even as business--and life--goes on in the town.  Check each page for what each character has to say about both the upcoming gala and the community center.

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Reno City catches a virus!!!

Here's what we are waiting for!

Investigators invade Reno City, to discover what's happened to Queenie!

Meet our inhabitants!

Welcome to Reno City!  

On each character's page, you'll find out what's going on with them as events unfold in Reno City, and you may even see certain relationships developing as a result of town happenings.

​At the Gala—

The Scoop!  More Personal Gossip from the town!

Knuckles knuckles under!

Violet's red Virus spreads!

Bella shares a secret!

The homeless band together to create an investigative unit.  Detective unit, look out!


Queenie, owner of Queenie's bar has gone missing! 

Rumor has it there is a serial killer in town.  Did he kill Queenie?  She hasn't been heard of for weeks!  Rory says no, she isn't dead!

The new mayor and city manager both have it in for the old folks in town, but Violet vows to fight back.

Anatole may be having an affair!

Griffin makes a plan.

There are new folks in town:

  • Ford Lincoln
  • Rory Brightbottoms
  • Ally Twofeathers

Rory Brightbuttons and the other homeless folks in town create chaos & leave the party starving!

Dr. Steve gets a girl! 

Otis loses one.

Violet loses control.

So does the preacher Tommy!

Randall shoots some folks.

Rivers kisses up.

Griffin gets some respect.

Nakomis finds someone to lean on.

Anatole Allred loses someone to lean on.

Fordham Lincoln makes the scene.

Reno City is a(n) (imaginary) city populated by the most fascinating characters!  Read this website to unravel the town's mysteries and the townspeoples' personal entanglements!

Is there a murderer

in Reno City?! 

Who is it?!

What's happening in Reno City?